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SURREAL comic Noel Fielding lived up to his wacky on-screen persona when he paraded around a Freo clothes shop in his jocks and boots.

The English funnyman, best known for playing Vince Noir in TV’s The Mighty Boosh, visited Get Lucky in the piazza while on the Perth leg of his Australian stand-up tour.

Owner Greg Hitchcock says he sauntered in wearing a flowing silk kaftan with a giant picture of his face on the front.

“He chose a couple of Hawaiian shirts to try on and went into the changing rooms,” Mr Hitchcock says.

“Next thing we knew he walks out wearing the shirt in just his jocks and boots—it was hilarious.”

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• Elliott Stewart, Noel Fielding and Greg Hitchcock. Photo supplied | Greg Hitchcock

Since opening Get Lucky 10 years ago, Mr Hitchcock says he has sold vintage clothes to umpteen touring comics and rock musicians, including ‘80s bad-boys Guns N’ Roses.

“I became good friends with the band and got invited to their first show at the Burswood,” he says.

“Now every time they come back to play we hang out and go drinking at Gypsy Tapas.

“My wife and I also paid them a visit while we were on holiday in California.”


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