77 in the way

FORTY-FIVE homes and 32 businesses across greater Fremantle could be bulldozed to make way for the $1.6 billion Perth freight link.

The figures were released by WA transport parliamentary secretary Jim Chown.

WA transport minister Dean Nalder is mulling over two options to link Fremantle port with the Roe Highway: widening Leach Hwy and bulldozing anything in the way—the option that’s been worked on for ages—or tunnelling.

Armando De Abreu, who owns Armando Sports in O’Connor, says one of the plans prevents his customers getting to his business from Stock Road.

“Our shop would be in a cul-de-sac and that could potentially halve my number of customers,” he says.

“Finding another premises is not easy, because we are a huge sport shop and need around 2500 sqm of space.

“We’ve been here for around seven years and would like to stay, but there’s so much uncertainty about what’s going to happen right now.”

Palmyra resident Shannon Morris says locals are having a movie night July 3 for affected residents and business owners at Palmyra primary school, where they will watch The Castle.

“D’Orsogna will be providing hot dogs and Labor leader Mark McGowan might attend,” he says.

A handful of residents, including Mr Morris, had a meeting with Mr Nalder last week.

“He said we would be well compensated and would do his best for us, but I didn’t feel particularly reassured after the meeting—the uncertainty still remains.”

Willagee Labor MP Peter Tinley is also planning a public meeting at an affected site on June 28.

“The state government has thrown the lives of many families into turmoil,” he says.

“I have had Willagee residents in my office in tears at the thought of having to move before their homes are bulldozed.

“Many businesses are also worried that this plan will force them to close.

“This six-lane freeway will divide our community”


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