Freo council saves counselling service

FREMANTLE city council has decided to pick up the tab to keep its financial counselling service running.

Earlier this month the Barnett government stunned local councils and social service organisations by axing funding for counsellors. That led to Cockburn council shelving its service.

On Wednesday deputy mayor Josh Wilson moved that Fremantle find the money to fund the service and lobby the government to reverse its decision.

“In doing so we know we’re absorbing yet another cut from the WA government, but we cannot countenance the removal of such a crucial service to people in desperate need of help,” the Beaconsfield ward councillor said.

“Evidence shows that every $1 removed from such services ends up costing $4 in crisis support or welfare in another part of the safety net, so this cut is illogical as well as mean-spirited.”

Mayor Brad Pettitt told the Herald the decision was different to the council’s decision to stop funding its women’s refuge, because Warrawee will continue to operate under a non-profit organisation, whereas the counselling service would have ceased altogether.

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