Beetle burns

THIS VW Beetle was torched at the corner of Douro Road and South Terrace in South Fremantle last Saturday evening.

Local firies say it was the work of an arsonist, but for the poor owner pictured—who reportedly had popped to the shops only to return to find his car in flames—it’s unlikely anyone will face the music.

The Herald has learned car fires are pretty much ignored by authorities, unless they’re part of a “spate”. The firies say their investigators only look at multiple car fires, not isolated incidents, while the police arson squad don’t do cars at all.

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Police media spokesperson Susan Usher told the Herald local police would “make inquiries” if a car fire was reported, but she didn’t sound optimistic about any outcome.

“Unfortunately their lines of inquiry are generally fairly narrow unless someone comes forward with information,” she said. At the time of going to press the Herald understands the owner hasn’t lodged an official report with police.

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