Grand and proud and not self-conscious

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FOLLOWING an 18-month stint in the US, Oh Mercy frontman Alex Gow is back home in Melbourne—with a cache of new songs for his just-released album When We Talk About Love.

“I wrote about 45 songs, and came home last Christmas and recorded 12,” he tells the Herald.

The singer/songwriter spent most of his time in US music capital Nashville.

“I found it beautiful to be in the music city as they call it…where song-writing is really celebrated.”

He and fellow band member Rohan Sforcina also spent time in Los Angeles and Portland, near the Canadian border, where they took part in a local custom called “a float”.

Loaded up with inflatables (including one for the beer) they tagged along with a bunch of American mates driving up into the mountains to a river, where like-minded folk were blowing up air mattresses and taking to the water. Beer and banter were shared as they glided through stunning landscape.

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“We floated down that river, took us four of Earth’s holy hours. When you got hot you jumped out and cooled down. When you needed to take a wee, you jumped out, held onto the floating thing, looked into the distance, pretending to take in the ‘natural beauty’…while you relieved yourself.

“Man, what a day that was.”

Gow describes his latest album as his most personal to date, influenced by his musical love for Burt Bacharach, Leonard Cohen and The Triffids.

“[It’s] grand, proud and not self-conscious. I accessed all that I’ve learnt, all that I know, and importantly, all that I love, to create this record.”

Gow’s WA tour will be the first for a collection of new band mates, and the band has grown to feature keys, viola, drums, bass and an occasional second guitarist. “It’s important to keep growing as a performer, and I do that by surrounding myself with new musicians,” he says.

Catch Oh Mercy at Mojos North Fremantle Sept 18 and the Rosemount, Perth Sept 19.


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