John Curtin College suspends students

STUDENTS at John Curtin College of the Arts have been suspended over a recent incident believed to involve drugs.

But getting the facts from school administrators has been like pulling teeth.

The Herald was first alerted last Friday by a nervous-sounding parent, who wishes to remain anonymous: “My child goes to the college and says that pupils are selling drugs in the playground,” the parent said. “It’s extremely prevalent near the western side of the college, which is more secluded beside some bushland. I believe the main drugs they are pushing are marijuana and ecstasy. It came to a head in the past few weeks, when some pupils were suspended.”

The Herald asked the school a set of questions, including if any students had been expelled or suspended for “selling or taking drugs”. Principal Georgina Wigley at first replied she, “was not aware

of any incidents where students had been selling drugs at the school” and that if she had been, “police would have been notified immediately”.

We sent a follow-up email: “to clarify, are you saying that no pupil was expelled or suspended this year for selling or taking drugs?” The second reply: “A recent incident has been brought to my attention and was dealt with swiftly. We are working with the students and their families. Students involved have been suspended.”

Fremantle police says it has not been contacted by the school.


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