Sticky-fingered wicket

SOMEONE was probably drunk when they pinched a sculpture from the newly refurbished East Fremantle Lacrosse and Cricket Club earlier this week says club president Dave Miller. And he’d like it back.

The sculpture—three wickets and a lacrosse stick—was reported missing Tuesday night, just a week afrter the merged club’s opening.

“I have no idea who would do it, it has no scrap value,” Mr Miller told the Herald. “It is opportunistic. Probably someone being pissed snapped it. If someone chucked it into the river it might take two years but we will get it back eventually.”

The work, installed July 31, represents the union between the teams that worked together to finance the refurbishment.

“It was designed by me and an artist friend of mine,” Mr Miller says. “It is quite unique. We are now asking people and the council to keep an eye out.”


12. Academic Advantage 5x2 12. Head Quarters 5x2 12. Kip Mcgrath 5x2 (KIDS) 12. Rod Herbert 5x2

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