192 steps of pain prove popular

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• The Manning Steps have been open a week and are already a popular torture destination. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

THE Manning Steps — the southern suburbs’ answer to Kings Park’s Jacob’s Ladder — have been a resounding success in their first week, says Cockburn council.

Construction of the 192 steps finished last week and it has already become a highly popular attraction for fitness addicts.

“Every time I go there’s between 10 and 30 people there going up and down,” Spearwood runner Maree Foster told the Herald. “It is the place for outdoor training.”

Mayor Logan Howlett is delighted: “There is overwhelming support. We have received extremely positive feedback. The post about the stairs on the city’s Facebook page has been one of our most popular ever.”

The stairs are part of the city’s trial masterplan that aims to complete the Davilak trail circuit in the park and provide easy access for people to the hill lookout.

“I think people didn’t realise before how beautiful it was at the top because they had to go up the long track,” Ms Foster says.

“There’s seats and resting areas so you can do it according to your level of fitness.”


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