Melville youth injection

MATTHEW WOODALL wants some younger faces on Melville city council.

Having noticed the number of retirees sitting around the table, the 27-year-old lawyer has put his hand up for Bull Creek/Leeming ward at this month’s elections.

“It’s not a bad thing to have people with life experience, but younger people can bring more energy, have new ideas and a fresh approach,” he told the Herald.

He says politically he sits somewhere between the council’s factions; he’s on mayor Russell Aubrey’s side when it comes to the Perth Freight Link but isn’t happy about a series of above-inflation rate rises.

“In terms of Bull Creek and Leeming [the PFL] is essential to cut trucks from Leach Highway,” he says. He also says council programs not meeting key targets should be scaled back or axed: “Bearing in mind what I have said about costs, I believe some money should be moved to get more security patrols in Bull Creek and Leeming.”


Bentech Fremantle Herald 7.09.15.cdr

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