FREMANTLE primary school has been declared a contaminated site because of high lead levels.

Authorities say the lead is so deep underground there is no threat to health.

The heavy metal was found last year, by the playground near the assembly area, in the north-west corner of the school.

On September 25 the WA environment regulation department told the WA education department the school is to go on the contaminated sites register. “Based on Department of Health advice, DER considers that the site is suitable for continued use as a primary school,” the education department said in a statement to the Herald. Lead levels exceeded limits set for primary schools by the National Environment Protection Measure, “however, the lead detected was not at the surface and does not represent a risk to the students or teachers”.

A parent at the school, who didn’t want to be named, was concerned about the time it had taken for news of the contamination to be relayed to parents.

Principal Hayden O’Mara says the school has worked closely with authorities.

“All necessary steps have been taken to alleviate any potential concern regarding the soil,” he says.


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