Net concerns drive Groves

HAYDEN GROVES is concerned the real estate industry is being undermined by internet companies promising to help people sell their homes by themselves.

“Everyone thinks they’re an expert” he says, “but be warned: there’s nothing quite like the certainty you get from the professionalism and expertise of a REIWA-member agent who works in the local market every day.”

Mr Groves says many internet sites offer phoney advice, comparisons and often-biased “rate the agent” features.

Mr Groves says to tackle the problem, the REIWA website will soon offer equivalent and convenient services to buyers, backed up by reliable, independent data.

He’s previously expressed concerns about media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s website, saying agents are pressured to advertise on the site, which at the same time seems to be moving towards making them redundant because of its market dominance.

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One response to “Net concerns drive Groves

  1. Perhaps if Real Estate agents acted professionally and lowered their margins, people would be happy to remain with them.
    Sounds like healthy competition in a market dominated by ego’s is just the right thing.
    Selling someones house and taking a 5% sales fee has always bewildered me. Cut out the middle man and retain the 5%.
    BTW, If you’re selling your house yourself, I’d recommend doing the 5 day course required to become a Real Estate agent. (~$800).
    You’ll learn all the legals etc. there and the $800 is a drop in the ocean compared to Agents fees.

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