Eva pumped for clean-up

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PHILIP EVA was gobsmacked to find a penis pump and a French tickler during a community cleanup of Little Rush Lake.

The Cockburn councillor was knee-deep in the rushes when he found a bag of adult sex aids.

“There was a French tickler, some Durex, lubricant and all sorts in there,” he laughed.

“The mind boggles.

“I don’t have a clue why someone would dump sex toys at a lake.”

After a few red-faces and chuckles, Eva says the clean-up, organised by the Yangebup Progress Association, went well and the 30-strong group of adults and children filled 30 bags with rubbish.

“Most of the stuff we collected was fast-food packaging and alcoholic bottles and cans,” he says.

“Although we did find a Playstation, a car CD player, a bike rim and some car parts as well.”

The surprises weren’t over for the day, and Cr Eva ended up rescuing an injured ibis and rushing it to Native ARC in Bibra Lake. “Its legs were all mangled and it was operated on,” he says. “I hope it’s okay.” The clean-up ended with a BBQ.


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