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A STAGNATION in my qi (chi) had caused an imbalance in my yin and yang, and pain shot down my lower back, through the left buttock and down my leg.

Thirty minutes, and several virtually painless acupuncture needles, later I was ready to go dancing — or at least able to take the dog to the park.

Acupuncture has been around 2000 years and is now widely used in the west, but some still view it askance because they don’t know how it works or whether qi really exists, says therapist Mike Dyson— who’s happy to admit even he’s unsure.

But no-one questions the inner workings of a computer, which is a baffling mystery to most… “[and] I know how to press the right [acupuncture] buttons,” he says cheerfully.

He became interested in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture 15 years ago when a combination of asthma, anxiety and weight loss were taking their toll.

Three months later he was off the puffer so he signed up for the four-year diploma at Perth Academy of Natural Therapies, where he graduated dux of his class.

The World Health Organization lists more than 40 disorders effectively treated with acupuncture, including irritable bowel, insomnia, fatigue and migraine.

Fertility and menopause, along with mental and emotional problems are amongst the most common issues for Dyson’s clients.

“TCM and acupuncture has a higher success rate than IVF,” he claims, pointing to research by South Australian academic Carin Reid. He says TCM is about a holistic approach: “If you are anxious, and have irritable bowel, they are linked.”

Working out where an imbalance lies is done through tongue and pulse diagnosis.

It’s not about pulse rate, but the sound: “There are 28 different pulses, including choppy, wirey, slippery and hollow.”
Each points the practitioner to where help is needed, whether with acupuncture, TCM or a combination.


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