Parky poetry

PARKINSONS became a spur to test limits for choirmaster and actor Brian Dawson (right), and he’s testing them with music and poetry.

His Fremantle festival show was a sell out — so he and the Close Harmony Choir are doing another, to raise money for research into the disease.

“I wanted to show people that even if you do have Parkinsons you are not down and out for the count,” Dawson says.


Getting into costume as a variety of characters, “presenting the poem as a if I’m a character” is therapy as well as fun. Wordsmiths include Browning, Rossetti and Tolkien.

“In Goblin Market I take on the role of a goblin granddaddy telling a story to his grandchildren,” Dawson says.

It all helps shore up memory and vocal cords, while singing helps with breath control and pitch.

“[I] was always fascinated by music and the stage…so when I wanted to do something to make sure I didn’t disappear entirely, I looked to the theatre.”

Adventures of a Poet is on at Little Creatures Next Door, Red Room, Mews Road, Fremantle, November 23, 7pm. Tix $10.


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