WWII camp near Roe site

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AN archaeological survey of a WWII army camp at Bibra Lake may have implications for the planned Roe Highway extension, say locals.

Aerial photos of the old Australian Women’s Army Service camp — home to 200 servicewomen posted to wartime searchlight operations and gun stations — suggest it may be bigger than first thought, with its footprint intruding into the planned route.

Buildings were removed after the war and all that is visibly left are ruins of shower blocks and camp tracks.

Bibra Lake Residents’ Association president Christine Cooper says her group is collaborating with UWA’s engineering department to check for subterranean objects and structures. High-tech scans will utilise the latest non-intrusive technology, including magnetics, shallow electromagnetics and/or ground penetrating radar.

“I have identified various areas that may be of interest to the engineers, including several pathways that lead off to sections that have not been explored before,” Ms Cooper told the Herald.

Following the scans an archaeologist will perform a full survey. Andrew Trosic from Cockburn council, which is helping fund the work, says the scan is scheduled to finish December 4.


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    • “Tree huggers”, “anti-road crowd”, “greenies”, “rent a crowd” – And for what?..Wanting to preserve land where people enjoy cycling, walking, photographing, bird watching, picnicking with their families (Dads, mums, grandparents, kids), etc…I think the likes of you and others like you need to step back and have a rethink, because with all this name calling, I’d say you’re the one’s who are desperate!

  1. With the name calling such as, tree huggers, greenies, rent a crowd, etc…Indeed Max, I think it’s you and your like minded friends who are getting desperate..It’s an area where people enjoy cycling, walking, jogging, bird watching, photography, days out with the mums, dads, aunties, grannies and the kids and you object?..Australia is known worldwide for its bushland and native animal life, Perth is known for the Swan River, its black swans and Kings Park and you want to verbally knife people fighting for something they feel passionate about?..Go have a think and then a rethink Max.

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