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FREMANTLE will soon be part of WA’s “Electric Highway” with the council committing to spend $130,000 on a “super charging” station in the port city.

The free-to-use station will be located at the Mews Road car park, near the Italian Club, and will feature a “super charger” that can recharge an electric car battery in 30 minutes and two standard chargers that take around two hours.

It will take at least four months for the unit to be built off-site and no installation date has been set.

Mayor Brad Pettitt says the station is a nod to the future. “Listen, some people will criticise that we have decided to spend the money on this, but we’ve got to take a holistic approach to the city and look at not just infrastructure and roads, but also sustainability and tourism.”

“This will put us on the electric highway and hopefully attract even more people to the city.”

Fremantle already has electric charging stations at Queensgate car park, but the new station will be next-generation and located in a more accessible and convenient location for most drivers.

The new station is part of the RAC’s Electric Highway, a network of charging stations that provides electric vehicles better access to WA’s south-west region.

The RAC is contributing $40,000 to the project, taking the total cost to £170,000.


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4 responses to “Park n spark

  1. Good to see the mayor of Fremantle continuing his legacy of pissing away Fremantle rate payers money, don’t worry Freo your next rate rise is on the way!

  2. Its a great initiative and like the first petrol filling station or the first colour television, the first is always the most expensive. But mark my words. Every new car sold in 10 years time will be a plug-in. Freo has the future in mind.

  3. Just to clarify Stephen, the RAC Charge station is a fast charger not a Supercharger, in EV terms a Supercharger is a Tesla motors charge station capable of delivering 250km of range in 20 minutes, there are a series of these linking many locations throughout the world including the Melbourne to Sydney highway.
    Regardless of this the RAC charge station is an excellent concept that is covering 90% of the states population in the Perth to Augusta region.

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