Bulldozer for ‘Beacy Bronx’?

THE notorious “Beacy Bronx” is set for a major facelift that could totally transform the long-troubled Beaconsfield public housing estate.

The WA housing department has started early talks with Fremantle council about redeveloping the area.

The council has been preparing a planning scheme amendment along South Street that would allow the department to redevelop and up-scale three of its properties, but the two organisations plan to go further.

Housing had wanted the amendment to include another nine properties, but the council rejected the request on the basis they should work together on a bigger plan to cover the entire area.

The area has been plagued for years by feuding and violence, burglaries, rampant illicit drug use and tearaway children wandering streets at all hours.

The troubles led to a major police raid in 2014, and a swag of government departments and social services coming together to tackle deep-seated problems.

Housing’s acting general manager of commercial operations Nigel Hindmarsh says the department will reduce the amount of public housing while providing more options for shared equity and private sales.

“In consultation with the City of Fremantle, Housing will work to optimise the regeneration potential of the area; activating the area with a mix of commercial, retail and residential accommodation,” he told the Herald.

Fremantle Labor MLA Simon McGurk told the Herald she’d discussed the project with Housing’s chiefs and was told it was at the top of their list of priorities.


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