And now my heart is sore

DOES a dying swan make a sound?

Lisa Reeves didn’t hear anything when someone stole a cherished Swan planter—a family heirloom passed down from her Nanna Peg—from her Solomon Street porch.

The swan had been there since last March and had enjoyed another five years languishing on the front deck of their previous home in Hamilton Hill.

After the robbery a distraught Ms Reeves sellotaped a sign to a pole outside her home, pleading for the heirloom’s return.

“Many locals, but most importantly our children, enjoy the swan and we never thought being right next to our front door that it would be in any danger,” she says.

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“My Nanna, Margaret ‘Peg’ Butson was born in 1926 and passed away two-and-a-half years ago.

“We were close and I have many fond memories of playing in her garden growing up.

“She loved her plants and she always kept this planter full of azaleas.

“Both our home and business are in Fremantle and we really enjoy living in the area.

“It is a nice area and our family hasn’t personally experienced any theft living in this area previously.

“We’re not interested in charging or blaming anyone we’d just love it returned.

“We’d dearly love it returned and any help would be appreciated as it has sentimental value.” If you spot the planter contact the Chook at and we’ll put you in touch with Ms Reeves.

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