Gig of the Week: The Mexicans

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The Mexicans may not be particularly Mexican but they are pure Broome and are normally to be found providing the soundtrack to a holiday lifestyle for the international Broome community at their night-life and race meets.

Citing reggae, world, latin and dub inspirations, the tribe of brothers are leaving their aqua-green endless beach paradise and coming south for their first ever tour – together. Individually they have played just about every major venue and festival in Australia with band members such as Gavin and Bart Pigram, Tonchi McIntosh, Staf Smith, Dan Houston and George Bishop – bringing a wealth of experience to the band.

True to themselves, the world is in their songs: Yawuru, Mexico, Japan, The Philippines, Portugal, Europe, Africa, and Australia, lots of Australia. It’s dance-able, from-the-heart, gentlemanly, cheeky, lyrical, last-drinks-dub-freestyle. It’s simple, intense and pure: it’s worth a look.

It’s a tiny bit of what the Kimberley sounds like today. It’s The Mexicans!

All free, except Bob Marley Outernational fund-raising for Oxfam Close-The-Gap Programs $30 Tix

The Mexicans
Railway Hotel, 9.30pm
Sunday, 7 February
North Fremantle

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