A Sharp eye for public expression

PERTH artist Peter Sharp, whose social experiments are viral on the web, will visit Fremantle next week to inspire people to live a life true to themselves.

He and The Liberators — the social movement he leads — produce participatory social art that aim to break down differences and inspire people to share acts of freedom, love and kindness.

Their work has gained international recognition: Perth Train Party has so far garnered more than 10 million views.

In the video, Sharp tells passengers trains are an “emotionless tunnel” where people don’t communicate; to make life “more interesting than this” he invites passengers to dance with him.

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• Peter Sharp gave up a future in accounting to be a “social artist”. He’s in Freo next week.

The “eye contact with strangers” experiment in Perth also sparked global spin-offs, with 100,000 people in 156 different countries sharing a minute’s eye contact with strangers.

Sharp’s social artistry started as “a bit of fun on the weekend” when, while living in Barcelona, he and his friends welcomed tourists off a bus “as if they were family friends”.

He felt something “strike down” to his core, and realised he had “a lot more to give to this world” than being an accountant, for which he’d studied at Curtin.

At his Fremantle event on Tuesday (February 9), Sharp will tell stories and present some of his most powerful social experiments.

The event is free and will run from noon at the Fremantle library.


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