First aid for mental health

ATTENDING a mental health workshop is like learning CPR or first aid, says Katrina Bercov.

The manager of training and development for the WA Association of Mental Health says Freo locals can attend one on depression at the Meeting Place next Thursday, February 11, 2016.

“It’s not about how difficult depression is, it’s about the good news: all the free resources, the fact that depression is absolutely treatable,” she says.

“We are lucky in Australia that there are a whole range of different options.”

Ms Bercov says many remain unaware of the full range of a available mental health support options.

Young depressed woman lying alone in her bed

“People in our workshops are amazed to find out just how much support and treatment is out there.

“For example, a lot of people don’t know that anyone in the community can request a mental health plan from their GP, which gives you access to 10 Medicare-funded counselling sessions with a qualified psychologist.

“One in two people will have some sort of mental illness in their lifetime, and one in five will have one per year, and all of us will know someone that experiences a mental health issue in their lifetime.”

“It really is about all of us, if its not me, its the person next to me, my kids, colleagues.”

The workshop runs 10am to noon and is free, visit for more information.


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