Say nutz to dairy

OUR taste buds were going nutz, having just discovered what is undoubtably the best dairy-free ice-cream ever, at the South Beach food market.

Elly’s Coconutz pistachio and cardamon, was delicately flavoured and wonderfully creamy, and the lime and ginger packed a real punch.

A single serve for $4.50 at seemed pricy at first, but it was so rich it was more than enough and in fact compares very favourably with similar products.

And I loved that the spoons were bamboo, not plastic.

A naturopath for more than 20 years, Elspeth Taimre kept her kids away from ice-cream because of the chemicals and preservatives in the commercial varieties.

“They joke that I’ve come up with one now, after they had an ice-cream deprived childhood.”

• Elspeth Taimre and her dairy-free desserts. Photos by Matthew Dwyer

• Elspeth Taimre and her dairy-free desserts. Photos by Matthew Dwyer

The Bibra Lake woman’s product is made entirely from organic ingredients, including food-grade therapeutic essential oils.

Freeze-dried coconut milk is sourced from overseas, and each batch is tested to ensure it is totally milk-free.

“Some manufacturers put casein (cow’s milk protein) in as a texturiser…I do my own due diligence,” Ms Taimre says.

Even though her kids had left home, she started making ice-cream at home because, “I wanted to eat healthy ice-cream and there wasn’t one available in the shops.”

A background in food science came to the fore for a recipe that was healthy and delicious, with no artificial colours, additives or preservatives — and no added sugar, the sweetness coming from natural fruits.

“When people walk away, especially children, they are eating something that is good for them.”

Elly’s Coconutz ice-cream is only available at the South Beach food market and Growers Green Farmers market at South Fremantle SHS, where apparently locals are very discerning eaters and happy to fork out for a quality product, especially for their kids.

For those who haven’t made it down to the beach food markets, get a wriggle on before summer’s over” it’s the best value in town for food and entertainment, and the vibe of hundreds of happy munchers spread across the lawn on a balmy summer night is fantastic.

For more info to, or phone Elspeth on 041 086 2498. The South Beach food markets are open Saturdays 5–9pm.

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