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IT was a job for super-meat-eater, and D’Angerous Dave didn’t have a cape, so carnivorous colleague Matt Eeles volunteered for the arduous job of fronting up to Chalkys for breakfast before work.

He’d secretly fancied the idea, having seen food photos online so it didn’t take much arm twisting.

For propriety’s sake we took non-meat-eating D’Angerous along as his sidekick.

Matt knew exactly what he wanted: “The Hock [$20] is making a lot of noise across social media at the moment, and I couldn’t look past it.

13. 10FOOD 1

“It’s a massive portion and much, much more than I’m used to for breakfast.

“The twin towers of baked potato gratin were creamy, fluffy and rich…the pulled pork was juicy and full of flavour.

“The best thing about the dish was the incredible poached eggs. I felt like ducking into the kitchen to give the chef a congratulatory slap on the back for his efforts.”

D’Angerous ordered the West End salmon, house-cured, with a beetroot relish, sauteed spinach and topped by poached eggs: “The eggs are so rich and creamy,” he said with understated brevity.

My pancakes ($18), were a hearty serve, each of the three cakes topped by a slice of fresh, grilled pineapple and toasted coconut, and drizzled with maple syrup—it usually comes with bacon but I opted out.

A small grizzle alert, which applies to practically every eatery I’ve been to: if extra bacon is $4, why wasn’t my pancake price adjusted downwards to reflect its baconless state?

Chalkeys is a regular for Herald staffers in need of a caffeine fix and as per usual our coffees were great, and the service spot on.

13. 10FOOD 3

This West End eatery has really nailed it, after a series of failed cafes on the site, and university students are flocking in, drawn by good food at good prices, and a funky atmosphere.

Mural-covered walls, and rustic, iron-girder and timber furniture pay homage to Fremantle’s port status.

Sitting outside you could be anywhere in Europe—or only in Fremantle, with the heritage facade of the eatery dominated by the gothic Round House prison, and the cobbled street leading the eye east to some of the most intact Victorian streetscape in the world.


Chalkeys Espresso Bar
High Street, Fremantle
open 7 days 7am–4pm 

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10 Leopold Bicton 10x3

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