Tipping point

LONG-TIME South Fremantle resident Tony Toledo says parking in the suburb’s affluent, narrow streets are at tipping point and he wants the council to take radical action.

He is also critical of the South Fremantle precinct, claiming “nobody seemed interested” when he tried to organise a meeting to discuss the issue.

“When was the last time the precinct even held a meeting or took a stand on an issue?” he asked. “The group has become way too cosy with Freo council and is crammed with friends of the city.”

• Tony Toledo wants Freo council to offer free parking permits to South Freo residents. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

• Tony Toledo wants Freo council to offer free parking permits to South Freo residents. Photo
by Matthew Dwyer

Mr Toledo, who ran for council last October, has lived in the historic arrondissement for 40 years and says a batch of new residential developments, including the redevelopment of the Seapower site, will push the suburb into parking armageddon.

“I’m pushing for free parking permits for residents and a two-hour limit for visitors,” the Scott Street man says.

“The permits should be available to use across the whole of South Freo, not just a few designated streets.

“I also want Fremantle to follow Perth’s lead and introduce free bus travel within the city’s boundaries. That will encourage residents and visitors to use public transport more.”

Currently, residents can buy a permit for designated streets, and there is a two-hour limit on most residential streets at the business end of South Terrace.

Cr Andrew Sullivan didn’t return our call, but did reply to Mr Toledo’s post on Facebook.

“Residents often believe the restricted parking will be all blessing but often hate it when they forget to put their permit in the windscreen and have to go through the rigmarole of giving their guests a permit,” he posted.

Mayor Brad Pettitt says plans for traffic-calming could be a good opportunity to revamp some parking.



THE trial closure of the cappuccino strip to cars for three Sundays will leave a huge void in the life of “suburban bogans” claims Freo resident Robert Keenan. The Bathers Beach House manager is crestfallen that V8 worshippers will no longer be able to conduct sacred bog laps on the sabbath. “Does Brad Pettitt know what bog laps are?” Keenan posted on Facebook. “All the bike and car clubs will stop driving through. You can’t do away with bog laps. They are part of Freo. I did them. We all did them. They are part of Freo. Take the bloody buses out yeah. We can all get out at the Market stop. I’m for keeping bog laps on da weekend. And come on. What else do our suburban bogans have to do on a Sunday.”

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One response to “Tipping point

  1. As for Councillor Andrew Sullivan reply on my post on the South Ward FB page the strategy he speaks of is……making…..Marine tce angled parking therefor doubling the number of vehicles being able to park along Marine tce….or the multiple story carpark somewhere…..
    This will be paid parking which is fine, but what is the incentive to park on Marine tce when down our side streets its free parking?
    The reality is that there is no such plan there is no long term strategies its policy and planning on the run. The reality is the council is relying on MATCH the Developers traffic study YES the Developer…by their account there will be an increase of 286 cars per day……what happens when say the Sealanes site is developed? Where is the overall pan!!
    Think hard around the implications of his planned changes.
    I want to make it very clear I am not against development having lived in South Freo for 40 years I have seen the great benefit of development….my worry is that there no long term holistic approach to this development boom.
    We have the Seapower development underway……With 20 apartments, roof top gardens 6 commercial office space with a restaurant…..and only 6 parking bays! Where will they park? There will be 16 parking bays for bikes.
    At the last JDAP (Joint Development Assessment Panel) meeting (18/03/16) JADAP Minutes it was very clear that Councillors Andrew Sullivan and Rachel Pemberton view is “Who live in these [The Seapower Development] people will opt for public transport and bikes rather than cars to get to work”.
    I understand we do need to start to reduce our reliance on vehicles but where is the real long term solution? Andrew Sullivan and this council are in Parking and Traffic Denial.
    I ask and ask…. where is the long term strategy? Apart for just removing parking and road space adding to the traffic issues and just pissing residents off…… Councillor Sullivan and this council are just Parking and Traffic Denialist…if you do or say nothing it will sort itself out slowly and painfully, is the attitude!!
    Where is the path to set the city and our ward up for success…. help residents reduce our reliance on cars?
    If Councillor Andrew Sullivan and indeed the council were committed to a long term workable solution why don’t they give local residents?
    That means all residents including the forgotten to the west of our city can come into the city centre for free using the current bus network without the need to drive…..for FREE!!
    Before I get the usual crowd knock the idea down consider the benefits:
    Most of the Busses coming into and leaving Fremantle are empty so the expenditure and the service are there now…..check it out next time you see a bus in Freo.
    The Cat bus covers existing bus routes.
    Increase engagement by suburbs forgotten by the council.
    Remove the hierocracy of the city centre parking voucher.
    Attract its residents to shop in the City Centre rather than Booragoon. Westfield could not provide free transport to its shopping centre

    I WISH TO NOMINATE FOR THE SOUTH WARD PRECINCT convenor I believe there is……not enough (if any) public consultation not enough Ward meetings for the level of activity going on in our ward! A Precinct group that seem to be happy go with the flow….just happy to get South Tce redeveloped….where do you think all the car that currently park along South Tce will go? What do you think the impact on traffic in our area will be when they close the centre of Freo during this trial? Aren’t you tired of the Duro Rd traffic jam. It’s just not safe or nice to see our city clogged with Cars!!! PS Councillor Andrew Sullivan who much longer are you planning to live in the ward….or is it just the case of creating a big problem for us to deal with?

    Lets see all the how much bagging I get from the rent a crowd rather than fair debate about a real issue

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