Teacher for Tangney, nurse for Fremantle

HIGH SCHOOL teacher Marion Boswell was endorsed as Labor’s candidate for Tangney this week.

As the second safest Liberal seat in WA, with a 14.7 per cent margin, Tangney is unlikely to fall into Labor’s hands.

Incumbent Liberal Dennis Jensen is running as an independent after his party dumped him in favour of former WA party chief Ben Morton. Dr Jensen will direct his preferences to the Liberals.

The MP was indignant when asked if he was contesting the seat so he could pocket an extra $35,000 (MPs who retire stop being paid when writs are issued; MPs who contest their seats are paid till the election).

“It is important that all people who nominate, nominate for the right reasons,” Mr Morton says.

“I am standing because I think I am best person to represent the people of Tangney into the future, I have the experience and enthusiasm to represent the Tangney community where I live.”

Meanwhile, mental health nurse Chris Jenkins, 26, will contest Fremantle for the Socialist Alliance.

The South Freo resident, who graduated from Notre Dame University, wants more companies brought under public ownership, increased social housing, and is against off-shore processing.

“It’s not just that the indefinite detention and abuse of people who have sought our protection is an atrocious crime,” he says.

“Refugee-bashing and the anti-Muslim hysteria was cooked up in order to distract people from the corporate rorts.

“It is designed to spread racism, to confuse working people and get them fighting among themselves.

“If the union movement doesn’t stand up to this bullshit then it will pave the way for the emergence of violent anti-worker far-right outfits like we’ve seen in Europe.”


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