Greens for trees

THE Greens are promising to double Fremantle’s tree canopy by 2040 under an “urban forest” plan.

Freo council has already adopted a policy to increase the dire coverage of trees over barren streets, but Greens WA senator Scott Ludlam reckons the issue is so serious it needs federal attention.

Perth’s lost 75 per cent of its bushland and about a third of what’s left is at risk.

The Greens say this increases the intensity of heatwaves, which kill more Australians than any other natural disaster.

Climate change modelling suggests there’ll be twice as many heatwaves in Australia by 2050.

The main measures in the Greens plan are:

• protecting remaining bushland;

• planting green trails through Perth’s arteries;

• auditing trees every three years; and,

• $1.2 million a year to facilitate at least 10 per cent of buildings to have a “green” roof, wall or facade.

This week the Greens took the party faithful through the policies and strategy for the coming election, with a green economy the main theme.

The Greens want better investment in public transport, full renewable energy by 2030 and have committed to full social security.

The party’s Fremantle candidate Kate Davis introduced the evening, which was held at Victoria Hall.


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