River search for man

POLICE continue to search for 37 year-old Samson man Sean Mitchell who went missing on the Swan River last Friday.

Mr Mitchell was last seen having drinks with a colleague at the Belgium Beer Cafe in Perth, but police believe he caught a train and went to the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club in Mosman Park.

He was reported to have contacted an ex-girlfriend by phone just after 10pm, telling her he planned to spend the night on a mate’s yacht.

The following afternoon a satchel filled with Mr Mitchell’s belongings was found washed up by a diver on the other side of the river near Blackwall Reach.

The satchel contained a pair of business shoes, a shirt, a set of keys, a water damaged phone, and two business cards.

The diver, who didn’t want to be named, says there was no wallet or ID linking the bag to Mr Mitchell, but he emailed the people on the business cards without luck. He says on Monday he pulled the SIM card from the waterlogged phone and discovered it belonged to Mr Mitchell, who worked for Mining Hub.

A Facebook search revealed Mr Mitchell had been declared missing on Sunday, so he turned the bag in to Police on Tuesday and the search for the missing man was upgraded. Divers, water police and volunteers scoured the river’s banks, one using a drone, but had no luck.

Police are reportedly investigating a voice message from a girl named “Kiki” which was retrieved from Mr Mitchell’s phone.

Ian McDonald, a friend of Mr Mitchell’s says he hasn’t seen his friend in several months, but described him as a confident, successful man who’d had a lot of ups and downs. Mr McDonald says Mr Mitchell wasn’t a heavy drinker and had a “good head on his shoulders.”

He said his mate had a rough time recently, breaking up with a girlfriend San Martin, having a car and other belongings stolen by a ex-housemate, and crashing his ute which was written off.

Mr Mitchell is described as fair-skinned with a medium build, short red hair, and blue eyes.


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