Super burgers at Moos

LOOK, up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Super Ollie!

I’ve never tried to force my lifelong Man of Steel obsession onto my two-year-old son but he’s now superglued into his Superman T-shirt, and there was no way it was being peeled off for our lunchtime visit to Missy Moo’s burger bar.

He burst out of the car shouting “Mu-pa-man!” much to the delight of locals walking by.

As he leapt a small flight of stairs in a single bound or two, an older gentleman reminisced about running home from school to watch the 1950’s Superman on TV. He still wishes he could get around wearing a cape. Don’t we all? Right?


From the outside Missy Moo’s is a strange creature. Apart from looking in need of a scrub (the outside chairs were dusty and the tables have seen better days) there’s a lone table in a gulag-like wire enclosure off to the side of the building. We weren’t sure if we were allowed to sit at it, or if the table was being punished.

Inside we discovered they’d run out of fruit juice, so mini-Clark got stuck with either a soft drink sugar fix or plain water with his meal. There’s nothing wrong with water, but sometimes when you’re hanging with mortals you want a little pep in your drink.

They’d also sold out of blue cheese, so by now I was starting to get nervous about our choice.

Thankfully what we ordered was great. The burgers are huge and the prices are reasonable ($9 – $15.50).

The Yankee Doodle ($12) is sublime. The patty was juicy, well-seasoned and matched the size of the crunchy grilled bun perfectly. I was craving something simple and the onion, pickles, cheese, American mustard and tomato sauce where more than enough to satisfy.

Kylie has a tummy full of arms and legs so she decided to join Ollie in the Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Beef Burger ($9) from the kids menu. You certainly get your money’s worth here. It’s full of fresh salad, a leaner patty and Missy relish.

The chips could have been a bit crisper, while I’m afraid the sweet potato version was cold and lifeless.

But the onion rings were an Everest-sized mountain of deep-fried goodness. They were piping hot, fresh, crunchy and salty. I’m not ashamed to say I stuffed my burger full of them, they’re that good.

The young woman behind the counter did a great job putting our order together considering she was the only one on staff. Despite the lunchtime rush she was taking orders and working the grill like a pro while still managing to give us a warm welcome and a pleasant goodbye. Top marks for her.

Missy Moos
400 South Terrace
9433 3322

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