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REAL food isn’t made in labs by people in white coats mixing synthesised compounds says chiropractor, lifestyle coach and wellness expert Jacinta Di Prinzio.

Food is a powerful tool for good health, but it’s got to have been a living thing — whether plant or animal, Ms Di Prinzio says. “Not all products we put in our mouth would be classified as food — not everything in the supermarket is real food.

“Anything made in a laboratory is not recognised by the body and the body is going to have a reaction to it.”

Along with friend and colleague Damian Kristof she’s presenting The Power of Food on June 8.

Mr Kristof stars in New Zealand TV program Downsize Me, and the nutritionist, naturopath and chiropractor is in demand internationally for his in-depth knowledge of the body, nervous system, food functions and responses.

Jacinta Di Prinzio

Jacinta Di Prinzio

He’ll be presenting facts and concepts not readily available previously, Ms Di Prinzio says: “[And] debunking a few myths.”

The Power of Food is not about dieting, and you don’t have to eschew chocolate and pudding for carrots and lettuce: “I’m not big on nevers…I say 80:20. If you are 80 per cent eating properly, you can get away with 20 per cent eating cake,” Ms Di Prinzio says.
Sadly many have reversed that percentage, leading to ballooning weight and associated ailments, she adds.

It’s a lesson she learned the hard way; despite a health-conscious mum, a teenage Ms Di Prinzio would only consider vegetables if they were deep fried.

“[And] I ate copious amounts of sugar.”

Leaving school and working as personal trainer, she thought a good diet was a handful of almonds while working out three hours a day.

“I looked good but certainly wasn’t healthy.”

Being brought low by glandular fever led her to rethink her approach to health.

“I was bedridden for months and have never been in a worse mental state, or felt so unwell.

With her poor eating behind her, and now running her own chiropractic practice and holistic lifestyle coaching business The Inspired Optimist, she passes on lessons to others.

The Power of Food is at PS Art Space, Pakenham Street, Fremantle, Wednesday June 8.  Tix at


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