Place and belonging

SEVEN PRINTMAKERS is an aptly named exhibition of seven artists with unique backgrounds responding to the theme “place”.

The artists explore the psychological aspect of place and belonging, co-ordinator and printmaker Shana James explains.

“It’s the idea of what it means to be in a good space or place in your self rather than something external,” she says.

“Some…are about real places others are imagined.”

James teaches printmaking at the Fremantle Arts Centre and the exhibition ropes in some of her favourite colleagues.

“I created an exhibition I wanted to see,” the Spearwood local says.

• Shana James. Photo by Jenny D’Agner

• Shana James. Photo by Jenny D’Agner


“Including etching, collography [ink applied with a roller or paint brush], drypoint and relief printing — these processes have a history spanning centuries.

“It takes time and dedication to build these skills. In a digital age where we are swamped by quick fix images it’s a welcome space of considered contemplation.”

Her exquisite prints are inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and its questions of identity, childhood innocence, angst and absurdity.

Fremantle printmaker Harvey Mullen’s prints retrace a trek through the Tasmanian wilderness.

One scene leads onto the next, moving deeper into the mountains and further away from civilisation.

Hailing from Namibia, Elmari Steyn’s works are of rare plants, deserts and wind-scoured shores. They reflect her deep connection to the environment, and the transition to a new country and a new sense of place.

Megan Gosling reconstructs her recollections through the “distortion of memory”, creating patterns that are familiar but not quite accurate.

Laura Whittock’s whimsical lino cats are very real, and speak volumes about cycling from the UK to China, which for her was a life-changing year.

Mari Katayama owned a micro restaurant in Japan and uses domestic objects in her works: “The tiny scale beckons the viewer closer in order to contemplate these small stories of everyday life,” James says.


Nadia Cullinane explores her place in the world through recurring motifs of nature.

Heathcote’s galleries are an exploration of place in themselves, James says.

“There are little rooms for the small works and big rooms for the big works.”

Seven Printmakers is at Heathcote Gallery, Duncraig Road, Applecross, until July 3.


23 Pekho 10x3 23 COF Artist Workshop 10x3

23 Solarbike 3x3

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