The real deal on Minilya

THE promise of evolving menus and daily specials are all very well, but what about when your taste buds are haunted by something no longer available.

Such is the case with Cafelumos’ little sister Emily’s Corner in Palmyra.

It was the best blue vein muffin I’d ever eaten, and the memory of its sharp saltiness teases my tongue whenever something light and savoury is called for.

I drop in to Lumos and Emily’s from time to time in hope, but although there’s always something satisfying as compensation it’s not the same.


On my last visit to Cafelumos a substantial meal was on my mind as I met up with mates for lunch.

Talking about how the daggy little shopping centre once was home to drug deals and frequent deli hold-ups, we were surprised to find the cafe’s now been going since 2010 — how time flies.

Cafelumos did wonders to transform the area, and these days the deals involve a muffin with your coffee, and the only hold-ups are getting stuck choosing from all that’s on offer on the extensive menu.

One of our party went for the special of the day, a wheel-hub sized bowl of Indian puy and roma tomato soup.

“Great taste, but so thick it should be called a dhal not soup,” she said.

The nasi goreng ($19.50) went down well, the Indonesian spices subtle but familiar from many Bali visits. The free range chicken was tender and moist, and the egg topping just the right consistency.

A steak sandwich ($22) was also well received for its tender, perfectly cooked scotch fillet and chimichurri (a spicy Argentinean green sauce).

I went for the roast vegetable foccacia ($17) and chips.

The aubergine, capsicum, pumpkin and tomato were a mix of roast and marinated flavours and the English spinach was fresh and crisp.

As always the chips were divine, crunchy outside and soft and fluffy inside.

Some of the cakes are house made, and I can vouch for many of them. On this occasion we couldn’t go past sharing a raspberry and lemon meringue tart ($6.90) from local bakery Sweet Desire with our excellent coffees.

They were so good we rather wished we’d had one each.


16 Minilya Avenue, White Gum Valley
Emily’s Corner
61 Carrington St, Palmyra
open 7 days
breakfast and lunch 

23 Cafe Lumos 9x2.3 23 Emilys Corner 9x2.3

23 Rileys 10x3

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