Labor pledges $59m for High St upgrade

FEDERAL Labor has pledged $59 million to upgrade High Street between Carrington Street and Stirling Highway if re-elected.

The four-lane stretch of road has been a sore spot for years, with locals complaining bitterly about increased numbers of trucks heading to the port, and associated noise and pollution.

Truck drivers have been complaining about the High Street/Stirling Highway intersection for years and the road design has resulted in a number of rollovers.

• Josh Wilson, Mark McGowan, Lisa O’Malley and Simone McGurk. Photo by Stephen Pollock

• Josh Wilson, Mark McGowan, Lisa O’Malley and Simone McGurk. Photo by Stephen Pollock


The total cost of widening the road and making the intersection less acute for turning trucks will be around $118m, with WA Labor set to announcing its funding commitment nearer the state election.

“Labor supports improvements to roads to Fremantle port, but not the $2 billion plus wasted on the Perth Freight Link,” says Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk.

“This intersection would need to be improved anyway, as placarded loads can’t use the proposed PFL tunnel.”

The upgrade was originally funded by federal Labor in the 2013 budget, with the party claiming it was absorbed by the Liberals into the PFL project.


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One response to “Labor pledges $59m for High St upgrade

  1. This is a pledge for another 20yrs of road congestion , as an upgrade to this piece of road is not going to solve the underlying problems,
    to many cars drive through Freo Suburbs on urban designed roads when they should be on a freeway, motorway or in a tunnel.
    Like the rest of the world does.
    Instead the greens, Labor, (Whom mostly drive cars), socialist nut jobs and couple of anti-car loons, ensures freo stays in the dark ages.
    As in the near future, electric cars, solar, hydrogen cars will be common place, destroying yet another fear end of the world driven claims.
    But freo will finally wake up and see they have missed 3 decades of development and infrastructure, because of their motivate with fear politics.

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