Tired of burning, itchy, irritated eyes?
Dry eye condition is a common problem affecting up to 20% of the Australian population and mainly caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Females are more affected than males, and symptoms increase with age.
The main symptoms of dry eyes are itchy, watery, irritated eyes. When advanced, dry eye causes great discomfort in day to day life and can prevent us from performing everyday tasks such as working on a computer or staying in an air-conditioned environment. The excessive use of smartphones, artificial lights and air pollution can exacerbate the problem.
Over the last 3 years a proven treatment using IPL technology has provided dry eye sufferers with long-lasting relief. Much more than just treating dry eyes, the IPL technology also helps to prevent the disease and treat it at a very early stage.The treatment is quick, gentle, and over 86% of patients experience significant improvement after just 3 sessions. During the treatment, a special light targets the nerve linked to the Meibomian Gland, stimulating it so it can return to its normal function and free the eye from dryness.
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Holistic Approach to Elder Care
Applecross based Home Care Assistance (HCA) has a mission to change the way the world ages.
HCA provides a proprietary, non-pharmaceutical intervention program, delivered one-on-one by trainedxa staff in the client’s home.
This Cognitive Therapy Method (CTM) was developed for individuals with neurocognitive deficits, ranging in degree from mild cognitive impairment through moderate to severe dementia.
CTM targets the five primary domains of the mind, memory, attention, language, visual-spatial perception and executive functioning to delay the onset and slow down the progression of cognitive dysfunctions. By providing older adults with quality consumer-directed care using a holistic approach, caregivers can help people live happier, healthier lives in their own homes.
Home Care Assistance a comprehensive range of services include personal, light housekeeping, social support and transportation. Complete around the clock live-in care is also provided, if required.
All services come at an hourly rate, with no long term contracts and no additional charge fees for coordination or administration.
All information and assessment visits are free. For more information, please visit the office in Applecross Village.
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