Gyuto monks returning

TIBET’S Gyuto monks are returning to Fremantle in October.

Their national cultural exchange will see them back working in the community and schools, where they teach kids the importance of kindness, confidence and compassion, says director of the monks’ WA stretch, Karla Dawson. There’s also a chance to create Tibetan crafts.

The monks are internationally famous for their overtone singing, which Gyuto House Australia director Maureen Fallon says they use to help spread love and kindness.


There were about 1000 Gyuto monks in Tibet when China invaded in 1950, and a decade later 60 made a dash to India where they were accepted as refugees and set up a new monastery. They fund its upkeep with performances around the world (they sang at Toni Collette’s wedding).

“Fundamentally the whole community gets to be involved. We have no budget, we work with local volunteers wherever we are,” Ms Fallon says.

The monks are masters of the tantric ritual.

“Tantra is about moving the heart; they don’t deny all of our emotions — we have a lot of negative emotions.

“We have anger and anxiety and what they do, is they attempt to embrace those emotions and turn them into positive emotions,” says Ms Fallon.

The monks will be at the Fremantle town hall and the folk festival as well as playing cricket at Clancy’s pub.

The town hall concert features Brisbane composer Kim Cunio and opera singer Heather Lee, Ms Dawson says. For more information visit: or


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