Building Futures

The future of Fremantle Christian College is exciting and expansive. To accommodate steady growth in student numbers over the coming years, the existing campus will undergo a massive re-development, stage by stage.

Architects with a wealth of experience in education planning and facility design have been working on the Campus Master Plan, which they will unveil at FCC’s Vision Night on Thursday evening,
13 October from 7-8pm.


Fremantle Christian College has a commitment to nurture each student’s identity and character and to applaud their unique talents as they emerge in the context of learning. The vision is to graduate students who will enter society confident and equipped to succeed, inspired to attain excellence, confident of their identity and well prepared to be creative influencers and innovators in the world. It is dedicated to serving the growing regional population through providing a quality, single streamed primary school and a double streamed high school.

Fremantle Christian College is a place of learning, where teenagers can experience God and realise their unique identity.

Fremantle Christian College
110 Rockingham Rd, Hamilton Hill
9430 6635


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