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A sobering 45 per cent of Australians will experience mental health problems at some stage in their lives, whether depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and bipolar disorder, to name a few.

And not-for-profit group HelpingMinds (formerly Arafmi) is there to help with a swag of services and programs:  “Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent in our society, we are constantly reviewing how we can meet these needs and how our services can be innovated to assist more people,” CEO Debbie Childs says.

Mental illness is a hidden disease with sufferers and family often reluctant to talk about their struggle.

That’s something the HelpingMinds is hoping to change with mental health education in schools and school holiday programs.

Free advice and support is also offered through counselling, support groups and workshops statewide – along with online programs designed to fit around today’s busy lives and people  in regional areas.

The organisation has been operating since 1976 and knows a little spoiling goes a long way, so  pamper days, massages and yoga sessions as well as holiday respite accommodation are offered.

“For the last 40 years we have supported families through mental health related issues and we are passionate about our cause,” Ms Childs says.

For more info go to or call 9427 7100.


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