Sth Freo charm

WALKING from the Chook’s Cliff Street office to Francisco Street I bumped into my brother.

That’s kind of South Freo neatly summed up; it isn’t really a surprise to meet someone you know.

As we walked to the house the laughter of the kids chasing each other around the park opposite and the brooding teen parading his teen angst up and down the street turned the talk to our childhoods.


My brother remarked how similar the situation was to our own upbringing, with an older house surrounded by lots of parks and a kid our age in nearly every home.

We would spend hours every day playing on the street and each others’ yards.

As we parted ways and I went inside, I was struck that the homeliness extended beyond and into the home itself, with its spaciousness and high ceilings not masking an intimacy.


Local architect

As the owner lit candles and explained how much she loved the house and had become attached to it, I thought  about the difference between a house and a home.

The home designed by local architect Gerard McCann was built in 1987.

It’s perfect for a family with younger kids as well as a teen or two, with two loft bedrooms on the upper floor to give them (and their parents) the space they need.


A shared open-plan living space on the bottom floor with a fireplace, formal lounge and library area makes sure everyone comes together regularly though.

The-timber lined ceilings add to its rustic industrial charm.

The garden outside is peaceful, with fruit trees lining the fence, a veggie patch and what my mum calls the queen of all trees — a Jacaranda.


The outdoor seating area has a small fountain to add to the tranquility of it all. I could imagine a few squirts running around in the backyard, and in the park opposite, built by the owners and their neighbours as part of an innovative council/community initiative.

This all adds to that community feel that attracts so many young families to the suburb on the beach, South Fremantle. This is a home your family could live in for a lifetime.


4 Francisco St, South Fremantle
Auction October 1 at 10:30
Jennifer Castle
0414 572 440
Acton Fremantle
9319 3022

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