LETTERS 8.10.16


The Herald I love is back!!!!
Start your spring off with the story of the “black” baby dolls!
They reminded me of Al Jolson in black face!!! I guess people think it is racist.
Personally I think it is hilarious!!! Now they need some Handicapped dolls or some albino dolls.
The next time I am in Fremantle I will be sure to stop out and buy some of the black babies and start a collection!
Scott Petrill
Savannah Road, Peachland,

Golly & Andy
I have just  spent a bit of time renovating two of my kid’s old dolls ready for the new grandchild.
Golly and Andy were much loved. I never dreamed I was being racist! Me, who spent four years happily working for Aboriginal people!  What was I thinking? I recant. I have attached a photo of the two dolls. Do you think I should bin both of them? After all, Golly is bad enough but Andy has red hair. I might upset all the gingers out there and Tim Minchin tells me, “only a ginger can call a ginger, Ginger.” On the other hand, could we perhaps start judging by actions rather than symbols and empty words?
Vicki Lenegan


Business in it for its self
Bob Loftus (“Australia Day Not About Racism”, Herald, October 1st) refers to Sam Wainwright’s measured and articulate opinion piece (“It takes a Wilful Ignorance”, Herald, September 24th) as a tirade. In the process he responds with a proper tirade about how all the problems of retail and business in Fremantle are caused by the mayor and the council without really addressing any of the main points of Sam’s article. For some of the business community it seems this issue is all about self-interest and respecting the feelings of indigenous people isn’t even worth discussing.
And to top it off, the council has “cancelled Australia Day”, he says three times! No, Bob, just the fireworks.
It is incorrect to assume that it is only a small minority of Fremantle ratepayers that support the decision to end the Australia Day fireworks. It just seems so incredibly mean of anyone to not even consider the wishes of indigenous people in regards to Australia Day. Why not move it to another day? It would cost us absolutely nothing but it would mean a lot to them. There had never been fireworks on Australia Day in Fremantle eight years ago. But Bob Loftus thinks it’s outrageous that the ratepayers of Fremantle might no longer want to subsidise the boosted profits of Freo restaurants and bars for a few hours to the tune of $130,000. In fact, absurdly, he even thinks they now deserves compensation!
Joe Loss
Hampton Road, Fremantle

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