A  CHANCE encounter with Blue Budha owner Shane O’Loughlin was life changing for a terminally ill man a couple of years ago.

Facing the final stages of cancer he was depressed and morose and had given up on everything much to the distress of his wife.

We’ll never know what the psychic said, but he left the shop a changed person, able to talk to his wife and engage with his family – and to face death with more stoicism.

With nine shops across the metro area, Mr O’Loughlin doesn’t give Blue Budha’s regular psychic readings but is occasionally drawn to a customer walking through the door.


“Things come up when you talk…sometimes you don’t realise the impact [you have] until much later when people come back,” he says.

The Fremantle shop’s mission statement talks of creating moments of magic for everyone who walks through the door – it certainly was that day.

“We offer a welcoming energy which prevents judgement of individuals and we also represent compassion and kindness,” Mr O’Loughlin says.

It is not uncommon for people to question whether Budha (with one d) has been spelt incorrectly, so for anyone who has ever wondered here is the answer.

In Hindu mythology, Budha is the god of merchandise and the protector of merchants, whereas, Buddha was the founder of Buddhism.

There you go, you learn something new everyday!

Blue Budha opened in 1996, and along with a range of essential oils, crystals, jewellery, meditation CDs and DVDs and gifts, the shop has daily psychic and tarot readings.

It also holds crystal healing workshops—not for the crystal owners but for the crystals themselves—which absorb the plethora of toxic energy that invades us constantly.

“EMF (electric magnetic field) energy such as mobile phones, TV, even satellite energy,” Mr O’Loughlin says.

“Crystals respond the same way as people: they pick up the energy from the environment.”


The Blue Budha
Manning Arcade, Fremantle
phone 94332097
open seven days

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