Auditor general may investigate freight link

WA’S acting auditor general has put the Perth Freight Link on his agenda for a possible investigation.

Responding to a request from Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren to look into the controversial tollway, acting auditor general Glen Clarke said he was aware of the public and political interest in the PFL.

“Accordingly, I have instructed our performance audit unit to include this issue in our topic database for consideration at our upcoming topic selection meeting,” Mr Clarke said.

In her letter requesting the investigation, Ms MacLaren said there was a lack of transparency around the state government’s decision-making, with federal colleague Scott Ludlam stymied in his attempts to get documents released.

“Further, there is no evidence that viable alternative proposals have been properly assessed or evaluated,” Ms MacLaren argued, comparing the PFL to the failed East West Link in Melbourne.

“Of particular concern to me is the similarities between the two projects relating to the signing of contracts before an imminent state election,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The premier has indicated that the government intends to sign contracts for the Roe 8 section of the link before the election next March.”


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