Landing whoppers down at Woodman

I  RARELY return to an eatery I’ve reviewed, but the Woodman Point Cafe has been a regular haunt since “discovering” it four years ago.

Going out on a limb I’m going to say the best fish and chips aren’t in Fremantle, but at this small eatery set amid acres of bitumen across the road from the Cockburn Power Boat Club.

During the week you’ll find tradies grabbing lunch and on the weekend its boaties.

If it’s a good weekend weather-wise D’Angerous Dave, Lars the dog, sometimes my brother and sister-in-law, and I set a table on the beach and tuck in.


And if it’s too blowy, or cold we hunker down in the outdoor area of the cafe.

We’ve watched this area transform over the years and it’s now protected by shade sails and a low brick wall and brick pillars.

And the raised garden beds are looking pretty good too these days.

The cafe is part boat storage, refuelling depot, and fishing tackle shop selling a great range of gear (according to D’Angerous who has discovered his inner fisher, even though he rarely catches anything).
This eatery is a slice of what Aussie beachside cafes used to be — something trendier places try to emulate, but fail because they’re not the real deal.


The mate who told me about the cafe raved about the burgers, which owner Jo Lynskey makes in-house.

But even my meat-loving brother and his wife only ever order fish and chips.

The D’Angers can’t go passed the fish burger, which at $9 has to be the best value going.


It really does take two hands to handle this whopper with its generous serve of crispy battered fish, huge slices of beetroot, tomato and lettuce, in a lightly toasted bun.

Lars recommends the big, fat sausages, which disappear in record time – once they’ve cooled down.

You won’t find a better chip going, they taste how a chips should and are crisp on the outside, fluffy inside and always piping hot. Lars likes them too.

And the coffee is pretty good as well.


Woodman Point Cafe
37 Jervoise Bay Cove, Munster
9418 6496
Mon–Fri 7am–5pm,
Sat 6am–6pm, Sun 6am–5pm

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