Light touch helps sinuses

WHENEVER I’d heard about ear candling I wondered why people didn’t simply reach for a cotton bud.

However, after a trip to A Natural Self clinic on Rockingham Road, I found there’s a lot more to it than that.

Supporters of ear candling claim it clears all the congestion from the various sinuses in your head.

The treatment depends on the size of the candle and can take anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour depending on the patient’s congestion.


Garlic oil can be used before the treatment to soften the congestion and allow it to move easier and afterwards can help prevent inflammation.

A Natural Self’s clinician Dana Kington says people with sinus issues should do ear candling once a week for three to four weeks to ensure complete drainage.

Ms Kington says benefits include relief from vertigo, relief from ear infection, better hearing, less headaches, reduce stress and tension, eliminating symptoms of cold or flu and relief of sore throat. Try that with a cotton bud!

But ear candling is not without its detractors, with studies finding it ineffective and Canadian health authorities warning it can lead to injury because of the proximity of the fire to the client’s head.

The clinic has a naturopath, chiropractor, two masseuses and a colonic therapist who helps clear out congestion in the large intestine.

Along with ear candling, some of the clinic’s other services include allergy testing/treatment, deep tissue massage, health screening, life coaching, natural fertility management, nutrition, reflexology, thai massage and weight loss.


A Natural Self Clinic
156 Rockingham Rd, Hamilton Hill
0409 920 689


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