Time to disunite?

WHAT’S wrong with the United Nations?

Despite the idealistic charter of an organisation that supposed to be our global peacemaker, the world continues to be wracked with war and conflict.

Is it time to overhaul the UN, and how could that happen? These are some of the big-picture questions Roderick Pitty will delve into as the Glyde-In kicks off its second summer school.

Assoc Prof Pitty, a UWA lecturer in political science and international relations will give a second talk about recognising Aborigines in the Australian constitution and gives Australia a mark compared to how other nations have recognised their first people.

The summer school, which runs from January 9 – 20, is bursting with 24 short courses in everything from yoga, mahjong and French language for beginners, through to heritage walks and bike rides (where you’ll find out where one of the world’s last active slave trading ships lies wrecked) through to starting up your own online business.

Glyde-In co-ordinator Ann Reeves says last year’s inaugural summer school was so successful they decided to do it all again.

Bookings can be made on 9339 3964, at the Glyde-In in East Fremantle, or http://www.glydein.org.au.


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