LETTERS 24.12.16


Whose nation?
WONDER why Australians are turning to alternative political parties such as One Nation?
Fremantle played a huge part in our history. Thousands of diggers sailed from Fremantle to serve in World War I, my father included. He came back, but many did not.
He came back to a land where there was no work; a depression followed, then another war.
They were the ones who earned and deserved the sorries.
Leftist fools like Fremantle council seek to try and take us up the guilt path.
You know what? We are sick of it! That is why extreme politicians like Trump and Hanson are flourishing.
This country was built by brave generations of people from all over the world. They tamed a harsh land to feed us – fought and died to keep us safe.
Early explorers and surveyors set off into the unknown to open the country up for us.
That is why we celebrate Australia Day.
Fremantle is sacred to me – it is where my Scottish father sailed from on Christmas Eve 1916 to serve his adopted country, a country he served and loved all his life.
But let’s forget him and the thousands like him. Because all he was and all he did offends the lefts who currently dictate the mores of our country.
Patricia Rose
Crows Nest, NSW
The Ed says: European explorers didn’t set off into the “unknown”; indigenous Australians knew every inch of the continent for tens of thousands of years. Perhaps if we’d put more effort into celebrating this fact and the other myriad achievements of the world’s oldest culture (how about inventing the axe 10,000 years before anyone else, instinctively mastering the aerodynamics of a propeller aeons before the Wright brothers, or producing what may be the world’s earliest rock art) they’d find our interpretation of what makes this nation so glorious a little less perplexing. Shifting our national day won’t address this ingrained blindness, but Fremantle council’s attempt to highlight it should be applauded, not mocked.

DISGUSTED by the Barnett government’s conduct over the past two weeks.
Commencing clearing works in one of the most untouched areas along the roe 8 path is spiteful and shows contempt for the many hundreds of people concerned about this project.
It’s a petty show of power that I believe is going to lose him many thousands of votes in March.
The contractors are not adhering to the environmental conditions and the environment minister had no interest in investigating the breaches.
I only hope there is a some wetlands left undisturbed by the time Barnett is conclusively voted out in March.
Disgusted, depressed and despaired.
Hannah Lill
Yeovil Cres, Bicton 

Bye, Colin
AS the bulldozers move in and the true horror of the destruction of the Beeliar wetlands unfolds before our eyes, the legacy that Colin Barnett has inflicted on the previously beautiful natural environs of this city will emerge along with its concomitant debt for ALL voters to see.
RIP Colin Barnett.
Keith Wellfare
Samual Court, North Lake

Bad tidings
REGARDING C Kunnen’s letter (“Bad decision, fore shore, Herald, December 17, 2016) Kitchener Road escaped a three-storey apartment block, but Bridges Road didn’t.
Now we are faced with the weekly washing on the balconies.
Is this what we want for our community streetscapes?
Melville council needs to listen to the ratepayers who are living in the area —no wave park!
L Mckie
Bridges Road, Melville

Not heading for the street
UNFORTUNATELY many people reading the Fremantle Herald’s story Homeless Ousted might have come away with the incorrect impression that the 30 or so residents housed there temporarily would be made homeless.
The reality is very different. Instead of been “kicked out” as reported, the City of Fremantle has been working closely with St Pats management in recent weeks to make sure we have a plan that ensures that these 30 guys are looked after.
As part of this, the City of Fremantle is looking to either build them temporary accommodation or to assist in funding a transition plan to put them in alternative accommodation provided by St Pats and other housing providers.
The Stan Reilly housing was provided on a temporary basis in 2012 to St Patricks Community Care to support the great work they do. The temporary availability of this accommodation was always understood by the St Pats management. This was while the City of Fremantle explored redevelopment options for the site. As we now undertake the first stage of this redevelopment I want to make it very clear that the City of Fremantle takes seriously the need to make sure that St Pat’s clients are looked after properly.
Caring for the less fortunate in our community is the Fremantle way and we will make sure this happens as part of the Stan Reilly redevelopment too.
Brad Pettitt
Mayor of Fremantle

Remember your voters
OF all the issues facing our city, those impacting the inner city or city ward are arguably the most intense.
Be they inner city crime, retail health, licensed venues, heritage values and development, residents need strong and active representation on council.
On behalf of the inner city residents association (FICRA), we join other community groups to protest the performance over the past four years by city ward councillor Simon Naber.
His attendance record is patchy and his record of effective advocacy totally non-existent.
Richard Mehan
High Street, Fremantle 

Shame on you
I was horrified to pickup the latest Herald and not see Roe 8 news on the front page.
This past week has been the most incredible show of community unity to fight this wrong and barbaric project and it’s not included in your headlines?
We can’t rely on the commercial media to give a true representation of the outpouring of love and hope for this special treasure of Perth or to convey the importance of this location historically and environmentally.
This means it’s left up to media such as the Herald to help save these critical environmental assets by spreading the message about what is actually going on and how readers can help to stop it!
There are people taking time off work to be there on the front line — teachers, nurses, designers, professors among them.  The police are there in force to keep back community members that their job is usually to protect! What a head f#!K for all involved.
At the camp on Northlake Road we’ve been getting honks from firetrucks, police cars and truck drivers. The core of our community is saying this isn’t right!
This is front page news – it’s not something that happens every day!
This bullying by the government occurs when a regime is in place and is a gross misuse of power.
Annabel Olward
Hilory St, Coolbellup
The Ed says: The passion was great, the word count unfortunately not so; we had to cut. But hey, we’re a newspaper, not lobbyists.

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