Slick beaches swim school

SWIMMNING lessons at the Bicton Baths were suspended for a couple of hours last Thursday following a suspected oil spill in the Swan River.

A swimming supervisor spotted a slick in the river around 9.20am and decided to hold lessons on dry land.

Department of education director Martin Clery Lessons says lessons in the water resumed at 11.30am.

“By that stage the material had dissipated and was no longer visible in the area,” he says.

Melville city council and the department of environment and conservation investigated the incident that morning, but said they could not find anything.

The investigation included a look around the nearby East Fremantle Yacht Club, which has marine fuel for boats.

Club manager Mike Brunswick says the spill did not originate from them, but he did spot a slick in the river nearby and believes it may have been discharged from a passing boat or have come from west of the club.


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