Sodashi? Naturally

NOW sold at some of the most exclusive day spas around the world, Sodashi beauty products came from humble beginnings.

Back in the early 90s they were whipped up on the kitchen bench of creator Megan Larsen’s Fremantle home, though these days they’re produced in an imposing red-brick building on Stirling Highway, in North Fremantle.

The range came out of a desire to find a natural creams and potions: “I couldn’t find anything so I created pots of magic,” Ms Larsen says.



“I believed people wanted something that really works, but I hadn’t got to that place … it became my raison d’être.”

With a background in aromatherapy, Ayurveda, transcendental meditation, biochemistry and natural healthcare, there was no compromising: “It had to be 100 per cent natural or nothing,” Ms Larsen says.

“Natural” has become a marketing catch cry in recent years as some of the big manufacturers cash in, and careful scrutiny of labels can be revealing.

But Ms Larsen has never compromised, believing even the tiniest amount of synthetic chemicals to be harmful.

“[There] are no hidden ingredients in [my] products. Everything is listed on the label, as it should be,” she says.

• Sodashi founder Megan Larsen.

• Sodashi founder Megan Larsen.

Sodashi means “wholeness, purity and radiance in Sanskrit, all core values for Ms Larsen: “[Embracing] the mind, body and spirit of customers rather than merely the skin.”

Which is why, while you can find Sodashi products on-line, a personalised treatment through a spa is preferable.

“This holistic approach melds perfectly with a day spa, not a quick over-the-counter purchase, but a truly holistic appraisal and solution to an individual’s needs.”

Training program

Sodashi products are found in more than 25 countries, and as new ones come on line professional trainers conduct an intensive seven-day training program.

“We send one of our international trainers to the spa and will write a program of treatments,” Ms Larsen says.

Keen to stay close to her beginnings there are no plans to move production out of North Fremantle, even though space is tight.



“[This] is a great base, we have good access to Asian and Europe markets … and we have long-term and local employees,” Ms Larsen says.

Looking after staff is a big part of the ethos at Sodashi, and along with enjoying great ocean views, they get daily meditation sessions and subsidised Bowen therapy.

“I believe what you put into people is what people can put out,” Ms Larsen says.


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