LUNCH was taking a while and my colleague and I were getting sweaty about being out of the office too long.

Then we calmed down because good food is not fast food, and the dishes at Freo newbie Cafe D Freo are made fresh in-house.

Chatting to punters on the nearby tables is always a good idea for differing take on an eatery’s meals.

A couple of English tourists raved about the veal parmigiana ($22) saying it was tasty and filling.

The chicken risotto ($22) got the thumbs up for being moist and delicious.

I’d ordered the spinach, mushroom and ricotta ravioli ($22).


Flying saucer

The ravioli pieces were the size of a dinner plate, and resembled nothing as much as a flying saucer.

Cooked al dente they were slightly chewy and smothered in a tangy sugo (a slow cooked tomato sauce).

The filling was a delicious mix of zucchini, mushroom cherry tomatoes and of course spinach, while ricotta added a creamy softness to the balance.

My lunch companion was less impressed with her lamb and aubergine ravioli ($26), which despite the sage butter and pistachio sauce needed more oomph.


Sage butter

But the texture was good and the meat tender, she said.

Cafe D Freo’s menu is small but but there’s something for everyone, although the vegetarian dishes are limited to mushroom risotto ($20), a bruschetta ($12) the spinach ravioli or a couple of salads.

Too full for a whole dessert my mate and I shared a tiramisu cake ($7), a massive slice that was part sponge with lashings of coffee-flavoured creaminess and a rich chocolate topping.


It really didn’t need the cream on the side, but what the hey, no point it going to waste.

It was washed down by a creamy cappuccino ($3.50) for my friend and an earl grey tea ($3) for me.

All was right with the world and nobody at the office had noticed our absence.


Cafe D Freo
19 Essex Street, Fremantle
open 7 days 7am to 10pm
6114 1522

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