LETTERS 18.2.17

A misleading vote grab
I WOULD like to complain about the advertisement for the Liberal party plastered around this week’s Herald disguised as a pro-Roe8 article.
This is clearly misleading as many recently published articles in both local and interstate media contradict this blatant pile of [rubbish]. This cover needs the Liberal Party logo plastered all over it. It’s nothing but a desperate grab for votes with a hugely unpopular, expensive toll road up against it.
Barry Lowthorpe
Hamilton Hill
The Ed says: For this and subsequent weeks, all any any paid political advertising wraps will be identified as such in the front-page banner.

Please correct
I draw your attention to your reference to my ‘ex-wife’ (‘I will never give up,’ Fremantle Herald, 11/02/2017). Please be advised my wife and I were never divorced. The correct description for my wife in the article should be ‘wife’ or ‘late wife’.
Jan Ter Horst

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