Plastic not so fantastic

SEA SHEPHERD is gearing up for its annual clean-up of Port Beach in North Freo on March 5.

Leading up to the event, the Shepherd crew will screen the documentary A Plastic Ocean, described by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the most important films of our time”, at Luna on SX on February 28.

Local toxicologist Dr Peter Dingle says that plastic used in supermarket packaging can be as harmful to health as the plastic in the food chain, with both BPH and PVC linked to cancer.

“There is no questioning the link between breast cancer and plastic”, he says.

“Plastic is sanitary but highly toxic.”


“The worst is using plastic in the microwave, even if the plastic container is called microwave safe, because the chemicals in the plastic get excited when the food is heated up and seep into the fats of foods.

“Even if you don’t heat plastic up, the chemicals from the plastic can enter foods,” he adds.

“Margarine is especially bad.

“Plastic is also contributing to low levels of fertility in males, and early onset of puberty in girls.”

Jo Ruxton, marine conservationist and producer of A Plastic Ocean, says the film reveals the extent to which plastic has polluted our oceans.

“In 1961 global plastic production was eight million tonnes. Today it is more than 300 million tonnes, half of that is considered to be ‘disposable’”, she says.


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