Spirit of the shed

MARIJAN CACE is in a race that epitomises the spirit of men’s sheds.

“I’ll be dead before Christmas,” he says bluntly.

But the former Midland Railways apprentice is determined to pass on his blacksmithing skills to a new generation before his demise and is busying organising classes at the Fremantle Mens’ Shed.


“I had bowel cancer five years ago and got rid of it but my doctor told me it’s now gone into my liver. He said I’ll be lucky to make it to Christmas, so I’m in a rush to pass on all of this knowledge before it’s gone.”


He’s not letting the lack of a proper forge get in the way, either, fascinating fellow members this week by knocking together an old Webber barbecue, a household vacuum cleaner, a clamp and some bricks to make a workable backyard forge. He says the lack of decent coke to stoke the fire is a bit of a problem, but hopes the coal will do the trick.

stories and photos by STEVE GRANT


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